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Photo by Aaron Webber

Photo by Aaron Webber

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Language is so vague. Sometimes I wonder, how big is “big” and how small is “small,” how long is “long enough” and how short is “too short.” When you see something, you can instantly describe the object. But where exactly do you draw the line between these words?

I don’t think measuring instruments were made for this job. They were made to measure things numerically; they weren’t made to tell us whether something is too big or just right.

Am i making sense?

I remember the day me and my family went to an amusement park. I recall crying obnoxiously because i wasn’t allowed to ride the roller coaster. I was short by a few centimeters for the height requirement. Don’t laugh, it’s not funny. I felt like i wasn’t good enough for the ride. It’s like having your lifetime wish in front of you but you couldn’t reach it because you have no arms.

On my way home a while ago, i saw a tiny car and instantly, i said “that car is so fucking small.” Then i wondered, what made me think that it was too small? What separates small from big? What is the exact length of a “long hair”? Am i tall enough for a roller coaster ride now?

You see, these questions have been bothering me for several weeks now. For me, these things make life much more difficult. Some people think they’ve given everything, but it turns out they weren’t enough. Some people ask for too much, but how much is too much? If i ask a waiter to fill my glass with water, when do i tell him to stop? If he puts another drop of water, would it be too much already? Would i still be able to take in the additional drop? When you get a score that’s one point less than the passing grade, do you still fail? Or will your teacher give you a consideration? If he does, how about those people who got a point two points below the passing mark? Wouldn’t it be unfair for them? If my height is 3’11” and the roller coaster requires passengers to be at least 4’ feet in height, would the guard let me in and pretend i’m taller than 4 feet? If you love someone, how would you know if she loves you as much as you love her? Do you count the number of chocolates you give to each other? Do you count the number of letters? Or do you ask her to give you a numerical value of her love for you?

The point is, where do you draw the line? The world is such a blur. I wonder if mathematicians have OCD and lose their shit when they measure something that’s a point bigger that the usual, or a millimeter shorter than the normal. I don’t know where this leads to be honest. I just think it’a a good thing to ponder upon. And i hope i get the answers to my questions.

—my thoughts when i’m alone (via socriminals)
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